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In partnership with nonpartisan voting rights and civil rights groups across the country, Business for America joined the national John Lewis Day of Action and issued the following statement on May 8, 2021, encouraging Congress to pass HR4 to honor Congressman Lewis and protect voting rights.

On May 8 John Lewis Day of Action, Business for America Calls for Passage of HR4

Business for America is proud to support the events of this Saturday, May 8th, the national John Lewis Day of Action with local events and “votercades” in over 100 locations throughout the US. …

In light of recent actions by the Georgia legislature and pending legislation in multiple states that will limit voting access, Business for America issued the following statement on April 2, 2021, encouraging a bipartisan approach to protect voting rights.

It’s Time for American Businesses to Stand Up for Voting Rights

Democracy depends on every voter having free and fair access to vote without discrimination and without undue obstacles. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard, and governments should be working to make it easier to vote, not harder. Equal voting rights are essential to confidence in our nation’s government and to our economic health.

Unfortunately, new measures across the country are…

In the wake of the 2020 election, many of us have been caught up in the presidential transition and upcoming runoff in Georgia. But before the year is over, it’s time to take stock of how state and local political reform ballot measures fared and what the impact will be. A number of initiatives aimed at increasing competition in the political process, reducing polarization, and expanding the voting franchise were approved by voters across the country. These changes are great for voters — as well as the business community.

Business for America (BFA) previously wrote about three ballot measures to…

(For those of us who haven’t taken a U.S. civics class recently)

With Election Day right around the corner, we put together a few helpful reminders to get you and your team through the last leg of Election 2020.

The U.S. votes for president by an electoral college

Rather than voting directly for president on November 3rd, each state will in fact be voting for electors. Elector numbers are determined by the number of senators plus the number of representatives each state has (with 3 assigned to Washington, D.C.) Combined, these 538 electors make up the electoral college. In order to win the election, a candidate must have a majority of electors (270+) vote for them. …

With Election Day just around the corner, the businesses community continues to make an impact with Operation Vote Safe, helping to keep voters and poll workers safe and votes secure in 2020.

Hims & Hers

Hims & Hers is dedicated to ensuring people have easy and affordable access to quality wellness products, prescriptions, and medical advice. Through the telehealth company’s online platform, Hims & Hers makes seeking care possible for anyone, no matter where they live. …

Amidst public health and security challenges, there are new nonpartisan tools to help companies get involved in the final days of the campaign

by Sarah Bonk and Ben Ptashnik

There’s a growing consensus in America’s private sector: a smooth, secure, and accessible election is essential to our economic stability. Analysts at JP Morgan Chase recently concluded that the market will respond less to the question of which candidate is elected and more to the question of whether there is a well-administered contest with a clear result and peaceful transfer of power.

As members of the business community, our interest in successful election administration shouldn’t simply be about economic questions. It’s about the integrity of our institutions.

While election management should never be privatized…

As individuals, many of us are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Election Day, the day we hear final election results, and the day we finally stop refreshing our Twitter feeds every 5 minutes. As businesses, we also immediately wonder what the election will mean for our employees, our customers, and our bottom line.‍

In 2016 many Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, reported that after Election Day they felt the political climate left them with significant emotional stress that lasted for months after the election concluded. In 2020, election stress is exacerbated by a worldwide pandemic, economic downturn, and racial justice…

Shining the spotlight on three more companies we love! The support of each of these businesses has been essential to realizing Operation Vote Safe’s mission of building a safe, secure, and accessible voter experience in 2020.


KEEN makes protective, waterproof, sustainable footwear for the men and women of this country. Their creation of effective, environmentally conscious shoes has allowed the company to educate others on sustainability and drive lasting change through advocacy and conservation. KEEN recognizes its privilege as a business and chooses to use its influence to lobby public officials to protect public lands and mobilize clean water initiatives…

While most of our attention is focused on the races for president and Congress, in many ways state initiatives may have a larger impact on our day-to-day lives. And at a time when very little is getting done at the federal level, state ballot measures are an opportunity for voters to make meaningful change and help improve the state of our republic.

In partnership with nonpartisan organizations across the country, Business for America through our 501(c)(4) endorses state and local ballot measures that align with the business community’s priorities to protect voter rights, ensure election integrity, and overcome political polarization…

As we head into the weekend, Business for America is sharing our first Supporter Spotlight, showcasing some of the amazing civic-oriented companies who have joined us in the movement for a safe, secure, and accessible voter experience in 2020.


Popular electric scooter company Lime is using its innovative mode of transportation to take users straight to the polls this November. The company has launched their 2020 Roll Call initiative to encourage voter registration and accessibility for all riders across the 28 U.S. states in which Lime scooters are available. The Roll Call operation, detailed on, …

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