Are Your Employees “Vote Ready?”

Join National Voter Registration Day on Tues, Sept 24th, 2019

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National Voter Registration Day may not be the best-known federal holiday, but it has become increasingly popular — and important — in this era of increasing civic participation.

We’re proud to support National Voter Registration Day 2019 on Tuesday, September 24th by encouraging our business partners to participate. Reminding employees to register to vote is an effective way for any business to support a healthy democracy. Companies big and small can help educate their workforce about how to register, important deadlines, and when local elections will take place.

Uniting for a Common Purpose

National Voter Registration Day is the perfect opportunity to set aside our differences and celebrate the right to vote shared by all Americans. Voting is the most essential way to communicate our preferences to our elected civic leaders. Businesses, through the simple act of informing employees how to participate in elections, can help to build a voter culture in our country, reduce cynicism, and restore trust in our elections.

At Business for America, we include National Voter Registration Day among the actions that any business can take to demonstrate their commitment to Corporate Civic Responsibility (CCR). CCR is based on the idea that, just like our natural resources, civic health is vital to our future. In the same way that our communities need clean water to thrive, they also need politics to function well and allow them to implement public choices on important issues. So when a business seeks to improve the workings of politics itself, it is helping to preserve a vital public resource. Reminding employees, customers, and communities to “register in September, vote in November” is a simple first step any company can take.

We encourage companies across the nation to join and support National Voter Registration Day because an engaged electorate and well-functioning democracy are good for your employees, your community, AND your business.

Get Involved: CCR Working Group

Business For America is working with leading businesses across the country to explore how we can extend corporate social responsibility to protect democracy. We invite business leaders and CSR professionals to join us.

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Business for America is a business alliance for better government, a healthy democracy, and a more competitive, innovative business climate. Visit

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