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  • Eli Beckerman

    Eli Beckerman

    Writer & fighter for political transformation & system change to save our collective asses.

  • Lenny Mendonca

    Lenny Mendonca

    Senior Partner Emeritus @mckinsey, @hmbbrewingco, @pstaproom, @fusecorps, @newamerica, @movecafwd views are my own-do or do not, there is no try

  • Mark Allan Kaplan

    Mark Allan Kaplan

    Media Psychologist and Transdisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker, Researcher, Consultant, and Educator (

  • Joescales


    Rhode Island ex-patriot living in the Bay Area. Worked in the early days of internet architecture and continuing to ply the bit trade daily. New Shiny Lover.

  • Kei Terauchi

    Kei Terauchi

  • Kathryn McGrath

    Kathryn McGrath

  • Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones

    Communications @twitter. Formerly @Watchup. Tweets are my own. Eager to figure out this whole future of news thing.

  • Jeff Bellsey

    Jeff Bellsey

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